RETRO is about remembering the vogue of the past reimaginning it and then reviving it with a contemporary touch.


RETRO JEANS was founded by an ambitious entrepreneur Zoltan Csoknyay in 2001 from an early age he envisioned creating a denim lifestyle brand. The brand’s original source of inspiration derived from the founders fascination with vintage americana subsequently this early inspiration fused with the prevalent european vogue created a brand dna that defines RETRO JEANS to present day.

Our main goal is to become: a leading denim lifestyle brand that offers high quality casual products at affordable prices a brand that is built upon strong values with a clear target audience and a transparent vision a brand that is approachable and honest about what it is and what it wants to achieve in the fashion industry.
a brand that designs with the future in mind to stand the test of time.

The RR has always been a defining symbol in the history of RETRO JEANS. The iconic two letters are turned facing away from each other representing looking back at the past  and looking forward to the future.

Fundamental to the brand’s dna is the special treatments of its products be it a heavily washed denim or a gently treated t-shirt. In every collection we create garments with vibrant colours that became specialty of the brand.

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